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Check out our Science videos!


​Check out some of the Youtube videos below to see what we have been learning about in Science this year!

1.2  How Big is an Atom? :
2.1  Introduction to The Periodic Table:
3.1  Introduction to Bonding:
3.2  Double and Triple Bonds:
4.1  Introduction to Chemical Reactions:
4.2  Chemical Equations  Part A:
4.3  Chemical Equations  Part B:
4.5  Chemical Equations:  Cellular Respiraton:
4.6  Chemical Reactions:  Photosynthesis:
4.7  Chemical Reactions:  How Plants Make Starch:
4.8  Chemical Reactions:  How Plants Make Cellulose:
6.1  How Protons, Electron and Neutrons Were Discovered:
6.2  Introduction to Atomic Structure:
7.2  How Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Make Covalent Bonds: